Muhammad Tahrek

🌟 Muhammad Tahrek: A Remarkable Journey at Al Muqarram Industry !🌟

Hello everyone! 👋 

My name is Muhammad Tahrek from Bangladesh. I started with Al Muqarram Industry 13 Years ago in Tapes section in Sharjah Factory.
After one year I gave an interview for the Forklift Driver and my company supported me to get the License and I started as a Forklift Person. I started with a small salary many years ago and every year we get good increments and bonus. I am very happy with my growth.
Our company provides healthy food for us and gives fruits in the work time. They encourage us to drink water regularly. I enjoy every moment of my work and always try to work hard with dedication. My supervisor gives us training for all the safety procedures to be followed while at work. We discuss the problems with him and he instantly helps us with solutions and this is the best thing of being transparent with your management.
Back home after joining here , I got married and I have two children now, I build my own house and I got my sister married successfully. Recently I bought some land for the future of my children. My parents are happy and proud of me.
I feel safe and secured at Al Muqarram Industry and I am here for a Long Term. I am very proud that our MD always thinks about us and provides us with all the necessary requirements and encouragement.


Marhaba       مرحبا

Welcome to Al Muqarram. Nice to meet you. Speak to SABA or MARK for your inquires.