HI Stick

A revered brand that has been almost 15 years in the making, HI Stick was founded in 2005 with a promise to bring commercially viable and robust Sealants, PU Foam, and Specialty Tapes to the rapidly progressing United Arab Emirates and its neighboring Gulf countries.

Trusted by engineers and technicians alike, Al Muqarram Group prides itself in introducing high-grade Sealants, PU Foam, and a wide range of mounting, sealing and outlining Specialty Tapes to the region. Innovation has been infused into every product manufactured under the HI Stick brand, so expect the latest manufacturing technology, consistently improved formulation, and uniform quality with every product.

Super 2800

Super 2800 has been at the forefront of this technological advancement, positioning itself as a frontrunner in a range of Sealants and Spray Paints. Formed in the year 2010 to focus on the growing demand in the aerosol products commercially, Super 2800 has become a recognizable name in the business by delivering quality products that are affordable and developed ethically.

By continually updating the formulation based on client feedback and the latest technological advancements, Super 2800 offers a versatile range of Aerosol Spray Paints and Sealants that adhere to the interior and exterior surfaces, work flawlessly with different types of smooth and uneven surfaces, and provide impressive durability and resistance with every coat.


Realizing the limitless applications of sealants in the home improvement, construction, automotive, and several other industries, is what led to the creation of 1200G. This range of sealant products is based on a unique formulation that has been several years in the making.

1200G represents a line of products designed with anti-bacterial properties, along with a tried and tested formula. With several years of existence in the commercial market, the brand has become a renowned name that is trusted everywhere. 1200G has been introduced as a commercially viable and easily affordable line of sealant products, and the product is manufactured and tested under strict quality conditions.