In the field of construction, DIY as well as beyond, the requirement for secure fixes and solutions for sealing is evident. At Al Muqarram Industry we recognize the significance of flexible and effective sealants that effectively meet different needs of our customers from several industries. 

We’re pleased to talk about Dolphin Fix and Seal Power an innovative collection of hybrid sealants created to tackle a myriad of different applications easily. Hybrid sealants are best defined as a fusion of technologies – the best performance properties of urethanes combined with the best of silicones.

Why are they revolutionizing the building construction sealing industry ??

  • Versatile and flexible
  • Faster Curing time
  • Paintability
  • Environmental friendliness
  • No odor

Why Dolphin Fix and Seal Power?

As a leading manufacturer of silicone sealants in UAE, We’ve established ourselves as a company that will make products that are unbeatable in effectiveness and versatility. 

What makes Dolphin Fix and Seal Power different ??

1. Superior strength: Our sealants have been created to give a sturdy and long-lasting bond, which ensures the reliability of sealing and fixing many different substrates and materials.

2. All Materials and Substrates: Whether working on Metal, MDF, Wood, Ceramic, Plastic, Tile, Glass or Concrete, Dolphin Fix and Seal Power will have you covered. In everything from Installation of Window and Door Frames,  Window glazing to sealing expansion joints, Our products are made to work with a variety of applications.

3. Weather Resistance: With Dolphin Fix and Seal Power, you can be sure that the seals you choose to use will stand up to the most extreme conditions of weather, and offer durable protection against heat, moisture and UV Rays.

4. Easy to Use: Fixing and sealing made simple for both DIY and professional enthusiasts.

Why Dolphin Sealants?

At Al Muqarram Industry, we’re more than your sealant manufacturer. We’re your trusted partner in achieving success. We have a few reasons why you should pick Dolphin Fix & Seal hybrid sealants:

Assuring Quality: Our products undergo rigorous tests to make sure they are up to the most stringent standards of quality and performance.

Innovation: We’re always developing and enhancing our products to keep up with the latest trends and analysis of applications in the market and adapt to the ever-changing requirements of our customers.

Customer satisfaction: Satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. We aim to provide superior services and products that surpass your expectations.

Lets Zoom in on Few Major Applications

  • Filling expansion joints between brick, block, EFIS, concrete floors
  • Joints between facade panels – metal and composite
  • Door thresholds
  • Window re-glazing
  • Metal to masonry
  • Chimneys
  • Wood steps

Hybrid sealants are gaining in popularity in the building industry due to their premium performance properties.

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