Dolphin – World Class Chemicals

Dolphin is the prodigal label of Al Muqarram Group founded in the year 2003, as a means to put forward as a brand that the commercial market could get behind. Today, the brand has positioned itself as the most favorable choice among civil engineers and handicraftsmen alike. The masses favor Dolphin products for its top-notch quality, and a wide range of commercial and domestic applications.

Dolphin prides itself on bringing the best in Sealants, PU Foam, Specialty Tapes, Adhesives, Waterproof Coating, Aerosol Products, and Vehicle Care & Maintenance products first to the Middle Eastern market. Being the incubator behind innovative technologies such as the very first Fire Rated Silicone sealants produced in the Middle East, Dolphin has been successful in building a fruitful and longstanding relationship with consumers across GCC, MENA, and Asia.

What sets aside the series of Dolphin products is not just the product range, but the value every single product brings with no compromise in quality. Every batch shipped out of our high-end facility is put through multiple cycles of testing to assure the most satisfactory results. Whether the need is for a high-quality waterproofing sealant, safeguard the automobile with high-quality maintenance products, or powering the workforce with premium quality products for carpentry, woodworking, or general maintenance – The brand is here to serve at every step of the way.

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