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The golden age of industrialization in the great nation of the United Arab Emirates is what compelled the inception of Al Muqarram Group. Founded in 1999, Al Muqarram Group stands strong with more than 20 years of successive prosperity, owing to the goodwill of our clients. From being a part of the grassroots movement to creating affordable, and high-quality industrial products, to pioneering trade in the different sectors of the market, Al Muqarram Group puts forward nothing but the best.

Al Muqarram Group comprises the following:

AI Muqarram Insulation Material Industry – Sharjah, UAE

Al Muqarram Industry – Umm Al Quwain, UAE

Al Muqarram Trading – Dubai, UAE

50 Years of Vision and Prosperity......Aiming for Greater Heights in the Upcoming 20 years
UAE Celebrates it's 50th National Day
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The dolphin product portfolio is making a difference through adhesives that replace the need for welding, threadlockers and sealants that prevent costly HVAC fluid leaks, and solutions that streamline manufacturing production lines.
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Day-in & day-out, your car is moving through dusty streets and muddy roads. This exposure make the car appear dull. The dolphin car wash shampoo works with soft and hard water and it's easy to rinse foam removes tough dirt and grime, without affecting the paint and wax of the car

Dolphin duct canvas coating 30-36 AF is an economical quality, antifungal, water-based, for Duct Insulation. It is an ideal product for highly humid atmosphere. It is tough, and abrasion resistant. It acts as a lagging & lap adhesive for canvas and glass reinforcing cloth.

Dolphin fix & seal nail-free is a synthetic rubber adhesive specially formulated for construction applications. With excellent adhesion capabilities, the product is ideally suited to most building materials including galvanized metals, aluminium, and many different kinds of wood

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Our products offer a wide range of applications for industrial, commercial, and personal use to contractors and consumers alike.

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To keep up with the rapidly modernizing World, our diverse line-up of products are designed to give you the leading edge across various industries.

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Being at the forefront of innovation in various industries has helped us solidify our brands across 34 countries. Our export channels are already established in the GCC and East Africa, Eastern Europe, South Asia, and the list keeps growing.