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The golden age of industrialization in the great nation of the United Arab Emirates is what compelled the inception of Al Muqarram Group. Founded in 1999, Al Muqarram Group stands strong with more than 20 years of successive prosperity, owing to the goodwill of our clients. From being a part of the grassroots movement to creating affordable, and high-quality industrial products, to pioneering trade in the different sectors of the market, Al Muqarram Group puts forward nothing but the best.

Al Muqarram Group comprises the following:

AI Muqarram Insulation Material Industry – Sharjah, UAE

Al Muqarram Industry – Umm Al Quwain, UAE

Al Muqarram Trading – Dubai, UAE

#DolphinAluglassTape is made-up of a high tensile strength #aluminumglass fiber cloth backing , combined with a high performance #adhesive and laminated by an easy release #silicone paper liner for specialized #HVAC insulation applications.
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Dolphin PVC electrical Insulation tape is used primarily for safety reasons to protect, insulate, and shield a wide assortment of wires and cables which conduct electricity.
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Dolphin fire retardant PU foam is manufactured with special additives that make sure that our foam not only slows down the fire but also self-extinguishes. It manages to do so with minimal loss in the weight and quality of the foam.
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This dolphin structural glazing sealant 630HP offers a very good adhesion to glass as well as a cure that has an extremely polished finish. You can use this to seal around the edges of glass that can be found around windows and doors as well as to glaze the panels for bedding.

Al Muqarram offers you a wide variety of Multicolor PVC electrical insulation tape for the requirement, at the right price, every time. The organization, has been actively manufacturing and supplying premium quality PVC electrical insulation tape.

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