Ultimate Shine

Dolphin Ultimate shine is an extreme tyre shine polish formula that delivers intense mirror like shine and a rich natural look. The conditioning and protective additives in the formulation of the product protects and nourishes the tyres, preserving natural appearance for the long term.



– Dolphin Ultimate shine is a brightener for rubber parts, matt, tyres, plastic and car carpets
– Extra gloss enhancers for intense, mirror-like shine
– Conditions and nourishes
– Preserves your tyres rich black look
– Protects from harmful elements that can cause cracking and fading
– Product neutral PH does not attack the paints and varnishes, nor corrodes the chrome works and the plastic parts

Application Instructions:

– Shake well before use
– Unscrew cap and remove the inner lid before dispensing
– Pour ultimate shine onto the applicator sponge
– Spread evenly around tyres
– Shine will intensify within few minutes
– For best results : First wash or rinse excessive dirt and mud on the tyres and allow them to dry thoroughly.
– n Use safety gloves during application.

Storage & Shelf-Life:

36 months in unopened packaging in a dry, cool and well-ventilated storage place at a temperature below 45°C. Do not store in direct sunlight.


Sr. No Volume Packaging Type
1. 5 Ltr Plastic can
2. 20 Ltr Plastic Pail
3. 200Ltr Plastic Barrel
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