Dolphin – Radiator Flush

Dolphin – Radiator Flush is a powerful heavy-duty cleaner having multipurpose functions e.g. removes scale, eliminates rust deposits and oily residues from vehicle radiator and cooling system. The special formulation is Non-Hazardous for rubber hoses, seals and all metal surfaces.



– Non-toxic formula.
– Eco- friendly.
– Excellent cleaning power.
– Ideal to use on rubber hoses, seals and all metal surfaces.
– Helps to prevent the radiator from overheating.

Application Instructions:

– Turn off the vehicle and wait to cool down.
– Open radiator drainage valve fully and remove fully used coolant content from the radiator system. After flush with clean water 2 times to remove all used coolant.
– Then close the drainage valve after add 335 ml of dolphin Radiator Flush inside of radiator tank.
– Fill the tank with clean water and run the engine for 15 minutes.
– Turn off the engine and drain the radiator again.
– Wash the radiator tank with clean water.
– One bottle is recommended for passenger cars and two bottles for heavy-duty vehicles e.g. Trucks, and Trailers, etc.

Storage & Shelf Life:

36 months in unopened packaging in a dry and cool storage place at a temperature below 40°C. Do not store in direct sunlight.


Sr. No Volume Packaging Type
1. 335ml Plastic Bottle
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