Dolphin-Polyurethane Foam Spray

Dolphin PU Foam - Versatile Gap filling Material

Did you know that more than 40% of the entire energy resource we have is being spent on a very primal need of humans i.e., on heating and cooling processes? While this may seem a simple and must requirement, people have a wide range of thoughts or should we call it prejudice against the insulation system in the wooden or already made buildings. Little did they know that the modern innovation had brought forth the PU foam as the ultimate saviour for all kinds of insulation needs.

Polyurethane foam spray can be your best bet for:

Sound Insulation

If you own a bar or a late-night club, you definitely don’t want your neighbours to complain about the loud music. So, PU foam allows you to fill the empty spaces between the sound insulation materials and thus helps you to prevent the passing of sound. You can also use it to insulate the vent ducts, chimneys, and other such appliances units protruding out of your building.

Heat insulation

You spent a great deal on buying heating and cooling appliances, now you definitely are not interested in wasting all that money over poor insulation. PU form ensures that the efforts of your appliances don’t go in vain by ensuring perfect insulation even under the most challenging weather conditions.

Water insulation

Water leakage from your pipes results in ugly walls and dampness in your home that nobody is fond of. The problem gets multiplied in the rainy season with all that heavy rain pouring onto your walls and getting collected in your ceilings. PU foam provides ultimate protection against water seepage and keeps your walls dry and safe.

Apart from these 3 major applications of PU foam, they can help you with the following:

Keep the pests away

PU foam is made up of self-expanding material and hence offers the biggest advantage of filling up even the hard-to-reach cracks and crevices. These small holes are the favourite places for the pests to grow and multiply. By covering these holes with PU foam, you get protection from insects and other pests.

Make your electric boxes shockproof

Those metal-based electric boxes with all the wires hanging around are super risky. Needless to say, accidents can happen at any time. So, you better take precautions and use expandable PU foam to make padding behind the electric box.

Protect handle with care items

You would definitely want that fragile item to be in one piece while you are transporting it from one place to another. Eliminate the stress of careless dropping by layering up your fragile peace between a plastic wrap and a thick layer of PU foam. The PU foam having expandable property will cushion up your item and protect it from damage.

Fix your loose showerhead

Don’t let a wobbly showerhead annoy you between your bath time or shall we say, your peaceful me time. Use PU foam around your shower arm and fix it permanently onto your wall. Just make sure that you dry up the surface before applying the PU foam and allow it enough time to cure completely.

Simple steps to use PU foam spray

  • Make the surface dust and grease-free to facilitate maximum adhesion. For metallic surfaces, get rid of rust.
  • Spray the product in thin layers while moving your hand in one specific direction.
  • Use a dry cloth to remove excess foam.
  • Allow the surface to cure completely.

If we have convinced you enough of all the benefits of PU foam, let’s beware you that even though this wonder product can be a boon for you, doesn’t mean that you can just pick up any PU foam spray and take it to your home for your DIY projects. You must buy only the best product for perfect results. Dolphin PU foam by Al Muqarram has aced the sealant market with its high quality and long-lasting results. This versatile sealant was meticulously tested over and over to bring out the best version of it. With 20 years of experience in the market, Al Muqarram has become the leading brand for manufacturing top-class sealants. Easy to use and compatibility with all kinds of surfaces make the Dolphin PU foam your go-to sealant for every small repair in your home or at construction sites. So, pick up your can and start sealing!

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