Those who appreciate the pleasure of being behind the wheel also care for their vehicle. Amongst the high and unpredictable traffic on the roads, you are never too sure that your vehicle is safe. So, it’s always wise to keep you up-to-date with the best products for automotive care maintenance.

Al Muqarram groups deliver world-class automotive care and maintenance products in the great nation of the United Arab Emirates. The affordability and superior efficiency of these products are what make us the best auto care products suppliers in UAE. For the last two decades, we have been constantly enhancing our skills to serve our customers with superior quality products and be the first choice of people from all over the globe.

Our team places immense efforts in creating a healthy environment and thus we focus on embracing eco-friendly strategies at each step of producing these automotive care and maintenance products. We believe in innovation and growth that’s why our products have got huge acceptance in the Asian automotive market.

Here’s the list of our top auto care products you must carry to your garage:

Dolphin – carb and choke cleaner

The role of a carburetor is to control the flow of fuel as it moves to and through the engine while the choke maintains the air pressure. While playing this critical part, they can get pretty dirty leading to a drop in fuel efficiency and engine performance.

This extremely durable, fast-acting, and efficient carb and choke cleaner can be used to clean multiple parts of the vehicle including carburetor, automatic choke, PCV valve, etc. It helps to maintain the engine in its best possible shape and prevent premature engine failure. Being free from lead, phosphorous, silicone, alcohol, chlorinated or fluorinated solvents, it keeps the oxygen sensors, catalytic converters or fuel injection systems quite safe.

Due to its extremely flammable property, be sure not to apply it on hot surfaces or around an open flame and wait for cooling off the engine before its usage.

Dolphin – white lithium grease spray

A white lithium grease spray is a must to include in your automotive maintenance kit as it keeps your vehicle as good as new for longer.

Easier to use, this spray tends to seep into tight spaces and cover all the components of your vehicle. Its ability to be sprayed evenly as a liquid and form a thick protective coating and excellent oxidation resistance makes it the best lubricant. Ideal for metal-to-metal lubrication, our white lithium grease spray is the lube of choice for increasing the life span of your vehicle and making your ride smooth and less clunky.

Dolphin – fuel injection cleaner

Our fuel injection cleaner is your savior whether you’re polishing up an old junker or making your new ride to sing. This highly concentrated formula comes with an easy pour-in application to remove gunk, contaminants, and dirt from fuel injectors. This versatile fuel injector cleaner would improve fuel atomization, protect fuel system, eliminate starting problems, cleans combustions & emissions, improve throttle response,1 and reduce the frequency of your vehicular maintenance.

Dolphin – fuel injection air intake system cleaner

While controlling emissions, noxious exhaust gases, carbon residues, gummy substances, and crankcase vapors get accumulated in the air intake system. This disrupts the air/fuel ratio leading to rough idle, poor performance, and increased exhaust emissions.

The fuel injection air intake system cleaner minimizes harmful exhaust emissions, restores engine performance and fuel efficiency by thoroughly cleaning the air intake system. It’s the most demanding auto care product in the UAE due to its exceptional efficiency.

Dolphin – engine degreaser

Equip your car care products kit with this engine degreaser. Incorporated with top-notch grease stripping and metal cleaning solvents, this highly concentrated formula acts as a degreaser, cleaner, and stain remover to keep up the performance of the vehicle’s engine and related parts.

This impeccable degreaser has got exceptional fame due to its effective performance, high-shelf life, and quick results. Highly effective on oil, dirt, and grime, it gives the engine a thorough cleanup & enhances it’s performance.

Dolphin – AM 40 de-rust lubricant

The highly viscous formula of AM 40 de-rust lubricant protects the vehicular metal against corrosion in any kind of weather condition and environment. The offered product has extremely high efficiency due to the ideal combination of mineral oil and additives with solvent and the ability to infiltrate the rust surface instantly.

This dual-purpose formula is a highly effective rust protector and lubricator. It stops squeaks, displaces moisture, releases sticky mechanisms, and loosens up rusted parts of automobiles. It’s a widely acknowledged auto care product due to its excellent service life, superior stability and ability to penetrate easily into the hard-to-reach automotive parts.

Dolphin – diesel fuel treatment

Diesel fuel does burn more cleanly than gasoline, but the combustion process can still leave out some residues leading to buildups in the engine system. Gum, varnish, and debris, too, can clog the engines. These deposits can deteriorate performance and decrease the shelf life of your vehicle.

Diesel fuel treatment benefits your engine by cleaning, lubricating and protecting all the important components of the engine system. It improves the combustion by maintaining the temperature and velocity of burning fuel. It leads to lower fuel consumption, rust and corrosion free engine system, enhanced engine performance, and reduced carbon dioxide exhaust emissions.

Al Muqarram Groups are known for being one of the best car care products suppliers in the UAE. We are dedicatedly and continuously working to serve our clients with an excellent quality of car exterior care products as well as fulfill automotive interior maintenance requirements. We create exceptional automotive maintenance products to give you a lot more trouble-free miles from your vehicle.

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