Chandra Bahadur

12 years ago, I started as a helper on the factory floor at AMI. Today, as a machine operator, I reflect on a journey filled with happiness and success.

AMI has been more than just a workplace—it’s a second home. Working together with enthusiasm and a commitment to doing our best makes each day enjoyable. Recognizing my dedication, my supervisors in my department promoted me, opening doors to greater responsibilities that I embraced wholeheartedly.
The company’s commitment to its employees is truly appreciating. Excellent facilities, healthcare, and development programs ensure our well-being beyond the workplace. This support enabled me to achieve my dream of owning land in Nepal.

As I look back, I’m grateful for the opportunities and growth at Al Muqarram Industry. I eagerly anticipate a future filled with continued success, growth, and happiness with our company.

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Marhaba       مرحبا

Welcome to Al Muqarram. Nice to meet you. Speak to SABA or MARK for your inquires.