Al Muqarram is proud to present the newly launched product in Dolphin Adhesive Range: The Dolphin Epoxy Syringe. This clear epoxy adhesive will revolutionize the bonding process with its strong bonding abilities and easy-to-use syringe packaging. Let’s dive in to the features and advantages of this new product.

  • Special for crystal clear applications
  • Supports All Materials and Substrates
  • Temperature resistance up to 120 degrees

Extreme Strength and Durability

Dolphin Epoxy Syringe is a strong adhesive that can bond steel to steel or wood to concrete or many other substrates especially crystal clear applications . This adhesive is ideal for industrial applications or complex DIY projects. It provides superior bonding that will last for longer periods.

Versatile Application

The Dolphin Epoxy Syringe can be used for a variety of purposes, from fabrication in construction to DIY arts and crafts as well as repair and maintenance. Dolphin epoxy glue syringe is ideal for repairing metal fixtures or bonding spare parts.

Simple and precise Application

The days of waste and messy applications are over. Dolphin Epoxy Syringe is a user-friendly design that allows precise application of adhesive. You can control the epoxy glue flow and use the right amount with its convenient packaging.

Long-lasting performance

The Dolphin Epoxy Syringe cures to a durable and strong bond that can withstand the daily rigors and environmental conditions. This extra-strong adhesive glue retains its strength and performance even when exposed to moisture or temperature fluctuations.

Results of Professional Quality

The Dolphin Epoxy Syringe is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to get professional results. This adhesive’s exceptional bonding power and easy application will elevate your projects to new levels of excellence.

Wide range of applications

Dolphin Epoxy Syringe can be used for many applications including:

  • Metal parts and Fixtures Repair
  • Ceramic tiles and glass bonded
  • Fixing wood to concrete surfaces
  • Making jewelry and art projects
  • Sealing cracks in different materials
  • Assembling household and furniture items


Dolphin Epoxy Syringe by Al Muqarram offers more than an adhesive. It’s also a powerful tool for bonding that will help you tackle any project confidently. This epoxy adhesive’s ultra-strong bonding abilities, versatility, and convenient syringe packaging make it the ultimate solution to bonding steel to metal, wood to concrete and more. Dolphin Epoxy Syringe will elevate your projects and help you achieve new levels of excellence. Dolphin Epoxy Syringe helps you to bring your ideas into reality, overcome challenges with confidence and achieve outstanding results. Experience the difference the Dolphin Epoxy Syringe makes to your bonding efforts. Al Muqarram is the best choice for all your adhesive requirements.

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