The strategic growth of Adhesives and Sealants market in the middle east region is driven by the extensive demands of the increase in infrastructure in the building, construction and healthcare industry. The overall forecast marks an expected growth of 4.5% CAGR by 2024.

The non-compromising properties of Dolphin Adhesives and Dolphin Sealants manufactured by Al Muqarram Group which mark the mandatory components of a manufacturer comprise of excellent cohesion, flexibility, adhesion and elasticity, high cohesive strength, high elastic modulus of substrate, resistance from thermal expansion, environmental resistance from UV light, corrosion, saline water, rain, and all other general weather conditions.
The application methodology serves different industries in different perimeters. Few of very frequently analyzed industry verticals include

  • HVAC
  • Concrete, Joint Cement, Manufactured Housing
  • Resilient flooring, Roofing, Wall Covering, Pre-Finish Panels, Drywall Lamination, Joints in exterior walls
  • Spandrels, Repair of Larger Cracks, Perimeter of Doors and Fixed Window Frames

Middle East mainly positions itself as a fragmented market for the demand of Adhesives and sealants. Brand reputation, Quality, Costing and loyalty play a major role in the middle east markets for a manufacturer to occupy a brand share of the products

The United Arab Emirates and Qatar are expected to remain bright spots for the construction industry throughout 2019 to 2024 due to the future projects, like the Expo 2020 and FIFA World Cup 2022 and many others. The overall expected growth marks at 5.5% CAGR by 2024.

In November 2017, the combined value of the 11,755 active construction projects in the United Arab Emirates has exceeded USD 818.2 billion (around Dh 3 trillion), accounting for 33% of total value and 52% of all construction activity in the GCC region as a whole.


The total value of UAE’s contract awards in 2018 has been USD 31.6 billion till September 2018, while in 2017 it amounted to USD 28.6 billion. According to the latest data, the total value of major expo-related construction projects reached AED 156 billion (USD 42.5 billion) by the end of March 31, 2018, driven by both public and private sectors.

Another trend impacting UAE construction is smart cities. By 2022, the UAE government plans on making Dubai the world’s smartest city. Everything from smart transportation solutions to free. Saudi Arabia positions to be the largest market for adhesive and sealants in the region, where the total consumption is majorly driven by the end-user industries, such as construction, healthcare, pharmaceutical and packaging. The adhesive and sealant manufacturers in Saudi Arabia are very few, the country is highly depending on the imports of adhesive and sealant products to meet the increasing domestic demands.

The country has a greater vision while investing large-scale projects worth USD 800 billion, to enhance its infrastructure in the upcoming years. The local government has extensive plans for the development of social infrastructure, transportation, energy and utility construction in the nation. The country’s primary growth in construction has been largely powered by massive government investments and increased inflow of FDI.

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