Whether it’s working on building an amazing new generation project or renovating your older construction, we need to make some smarter choices to reach our smart construction efficiency goals. This includes many factors and one of them is preventing air and water infiltration with a high-performing weather sealant. The dolphin weather sealants manufactured by Al Muqarram Group reduces the lifetime costs of repairing and replacing the elements of the building by sealing out on the difficulties created due to weather inconsistencies by forming a protective envelope around your construction.

With great sustainability, long-lasting performance, and 50% movement capabilities, our weather sealant outperforms every other sealant in the market with ultimate protection and desired execution

Benefits of Dolphin Weather Sealants
Outstanding durability for minimizing call-backs
Extraordinary breathability and water repellence
Incredible UV steadiness, weather and temperature resistance
Expanded movement ability over a wide scope of temperatures
Simple application through different methods
Properties of Dolphin Weather Sealants

It’s a homogenous material with a thick consistency making it fit for application on horizontal as well as vertical joints.


A sealant’s expected life cycle is more than 20 years provided that the sealant was applied correctly on the surface and is compatible with the surface it is applied to. For an unused can, the shelf life is 12 months under ambient temperature from the date of manufacturing.


Dolphin weather silicone sealants has exceptional adhesion properties with a range of surfaces including concrete, masonry, brick, PVC-U, metal, wood glass and glazed surfaces.


The non-staining property of Dolphin weather resistance makes sure that it does not leach into porous substrates and leave a visible stain.


If you live in a high moisture environment, then nothing suits you better than dolphin weather sealant which is non-corrosive in nature. It increases the shelf life of your surface by protecting it from rust.

Ease of Application:

The easy curing and tooling process makes this product the best fit for all those people who believe in DIY projects. You need not be a professional to use this sealant.


A non-performing inexpensive sealant is of zero use when quality makes a mark. Hence, while choosing the right sealant solution cost control should never be the criteria. Let’s remember that a low-priced sealant can cost a lot more in the long term with all the replacement and spoiled surface consequences. So, choose dolphin weatherproof silicone sealants which is not only high performing but available at a reasonable price.

Where to use Dolphin Weather sealants?

Interior and Exterior applications
Suitable with Concrete, Masonry, Brick, PVC-U, Wood Glass, and Glazed Surfaces
Building Facades, Weather sealing
Metal to Metal as it has non-corrosive property
How to use Dolphin Weather Sealants?
Follow these simple steps and you are all done with protecting your surface from unanticipated weather:

Prepare the surface:
Clean your surface with a dry cloth to make it dust and grease-free. Use sandpaper to clear off the rust layer. Use a solvent and lint-free cotton cloth to clean non-porous surfaces. Immediately wipe off the solvent before it dries and leaves a faint mark on the surface. Place masking tape across the surface that needs to be sealed.

Cut the nozzle at an angle of 45° and apply sealant on the surface. Immediately tool the sealant with a single continuous stroke before the skin forms to have a smooth finish. Take off the masking tape after tooling.

Let it dry:
Give enough time to your sealant applied surface to get it completely cured. Leave it untouched. Generally, this time varies from 24-36 hours.

The Best Manufacturer of Weather Sealants
Al Muqarram Group has the perfect weather sealing solution to satisfy and fulfil the needs of different customers from varied verticals. With 20 years of experience dealing with the manufacturing of various types of sealants, we have explored diverse combinations and innovated hundreds of products to reach this stage where all our products are extremely unique and effective. Our research and development team explores and creates the best and hence we always serve the best. Try our dolphin weather sealant your way and we assure you; you will be super satisfied with the performance of our star product.

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