Using spray paints the right way is much beyond just grabbing a can and pushing the trigger. You need to be cautious and take care of several things before you create your masterpiece by spraying it all down. First thing first, you need high-quality spray paint with optimum viscosity. If you have brought your spray from Al Muqarram, then this part is quite sorted for you as all of their spray paints mark the history when it comes to quality. Al Muqarram is world-renowned as the best spray paint manufacturer in the United Arab Emirates and nobody literally can challenge that. With a wide collection of spray paints, we have something that fits the needs of every individual.

What’s best you can spray it on all kinds of surfaces ranging from concrete blocks to woods, plastics, or metal. Don’t just get too excited & confident yet because no matter how easy and fun it looks to use these spray paints, you need to acquire some skill to be a pro and nail your spray project. Be careful with these points:

Your surrounding matters

Choose a well-ventilated spot to take care of the fumes. Don’t vote for outdoors if it’s breezy as the wind can dust up your masterpiece and also carry the paint droplets away. Cover the surrounding objects to prevent overspray. Use masking tapes to hide the areas of your object that need not be painted.

Never skip the prep work

Prepare your surface well before spraying onto it. Mend scratches, brush off loose paints and rust spots, use the sandpaper judiciously, smooth out rough spots, wash with a mild detergent, rinse with water and let it dry completely. Don’t take any chance by weakening the foundation. Be thorough.

Protection first

Never underestimate the protection gears. Aerosol paints are harmful to your health, especially to your eyes and lungs. So, use goggles, gloves, and masks.

Test your spray can

Set the spraying pressure for a good quality pattern using the pressure control knob. Shake the can for a few seconds and then check if the spray is even or not. Replace the can if you observe spitting or uneven spray coverage. In the case of an old can, look for malfunctions in the nozzle. Dissolve the clogged nozzle with warm water or paint thinner. Wipe and dry before usage. Buy your spray paint from leading manufacturers to avoid such situations.

Maintain proper gun position

Keep the can 12 inches away from the surface and maintain a right angle instead of tilting it to either side. Spray only onto the area that is reachable in one go and avoid angling your can to cover more area.

Be patient

Several thin layers of spray paint are much more durable than one thick coating. Cover the surface evenly. Spray the outer edges first then go for the middle area.

Sweeping motion is the key

Sweep the surface horizontally instead of just random waving to avoid drips and uneven coverage. Take small shots at spraying instead of constant long triggers to maintain evenness. Keep shaking the can periodically. Avoid pausing or hovering while spraying.

Back up for spots and drips

Even after being ultimately cautious, if you get these flaws on your piece, use a clean, dry lint-free cloth to wipe them off instantly as they form. If you are a little late for that and your piece is beyond the drying stage, use a fine grit paper to sand them and then wipe them off with a dry cloth.

Don’t ignore the curing time

Look for curing time on your spray paint can. Keep your piece away from any kind of disturbance for at least 24 hours or else you will be stuck with ugly scratches on your masterpiece.

The Bottom Line

Whether you want to spruce up your old shelving or furniture or just cover up the minor flaws in your new hardware, Al Muqarram has spray paint that matches your requirements. Being the top spray paint suppliers in UAE, you would never have to compromise with any shade as they have an unbelievable collection of different hues of spray paints. What’s more, Al Muqarram is one of the leading spray paint wholesale distributors so no need to drill a hole in your pocket just for a can of spray paint as it’s all available at budget-friendly rates. Go on, spray it down and keep on creating new masterpieces everyday

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