Pu Foam Fire Retardant

Dolphin B2 Fire Retardant (Flame Retardant) PU Foam is an excellent quality polyurethane foam. It has superior bonding strength that adheres to the wide range of surfaces. The product is responsible for building insulation that can fill and enclose gaps between roof tiles, concrete slabs, wall cavities, drilled holes, frame construction and gaps around windows & other substrates. It is a single component material that has moisture resistance and self-expanding properties.

It exerts a strong cohesive force on most material (excluding gypsum, grease and oily materials). The product ensures high performance of heat preservation and sound insulation without compromising the performance


Application Instructions:

– Mounting of window and door frames.
– Sealing of all types of cracks and holes.
– Insulation of water pipe network and central heating.
– Soundproofing of partition walls, car and boat cabins.

Key Features

– Economically insulates, fills, seals and bonds.
– Bonds and seals most popular construction materials like wood, concrete, plaster and plumbing.
– Excellent for interior and exterior applications.
– Durable airtight seal that stops air infiltration, drafts and energy loss.
– High insulating value that saves energy and money.
– Contains no CFC’s, no HCFC’s and is ozone friendly.
– Cured PU Foam is nontoxic. Easy to use


Sr. No Volume Packaging type
1. 750 ml Can
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