Dolphin – Carb & Chock Cleaner

Dolphin – Carburettor Cleaner removes dirt, gum and varnish deposits surfaces of engine carburettors, heat valves, and automatic chokes. It Eliminates stalling and rough idling.



– Safe to use even on running engines.
– Product is free from lead, phosphorous, silicone, alcohol, chlorinated or fluorinated solvents.
– It does no harm to oxygen sensors, catalytic converters or fuel injection systems.

Application Instructions:

– Always hold the Can in an upright position during application.
– Remove cap and insert extension tube into spray tip.


Remove the air cleaner assembly and run the engine at fast idle. Spray the cleaner on linkages, bowls, chambers, floats, jets and setting screws. Deposits will dissolve and flush away.


While opening and closing choke by hand, spray both ends of the valve shaft. If the choke is not completely free after this procedure, remove choke cover and start the engine. With the engine running, spray cleaner in vacuum cylinder until choke operates freely.

PCV Valve:

After disconnecting valve hose, spray The Cleaner directly into the PCV valve. Start engine, run for one to two minutes then turn the engine off. Spray the cleaner into the valve one more time and reconnect the hose.

Heat Valve:

Spray cleaner onto the open end of the valve shaft. After allowing spray to penetrate, move the valve up and down. Repeat until it moves freely.

Additional Use:

Dolphin Carburettor Cleaner reduces heat risers by dissolving build up around the shaft.

Safety Instructions:

Store in a dry and cool place, at a temperature 50°C or below. The product is flammable, keep it away from Heat, Flame, Spark or any other igniting source. It is recommended to use the product only in a well-ventilated place. In the case of direct contact, rinse immediately with water. Do not ingest.

Storage & Shelf Life:

36 months in unopened packaging in a dry and cool storage place, at temperature 50°C or below. Do not store in direct sunlight.



Sr. No Volume Packaging Type
1. 450ml Metal Aerosol Can
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