Powerful Dolphin Acetoxy Silicone Sealant – Multipurpose – Full Range

Al Muqarram is one of the leading industry players and experts in silicone sealant products. It is a top-notch manufacturing company in the United Arab Emirates. The company also operates in many other countries and provides high-end silicone sealant products to clients. The features of Al Muqarram’s silicone sealant product are outstanding. The product is enabled to resist high temperatures up to 260 degrees Celsius. The product has tremendous feasibility, and it resists high temperature and vibrations, shock, and aging. Articulated to seal and encapsulate heating elements and industrial seals are other robust characteristics of this product. In a word, Al Muqarram’s silicone sealant products have great traits that can offer the best solutions for sealant and temperature resistance solutions in a unique way.

The area of Applications:

The product has multipurpose uses. We can divide the use purpose into two general phases.

1. General Uses- Silicone has high resistance power. Due to this reason, it is highly preferable for the Automobile Accessories. In the automobile industry, sealant of hot engines is a major work. This product has a temperature grade methodology that provides the sealing to the axle housing, timing chain cover, valve covers, water, and oil pump sealing, etc. Dolphin’s high resistance Acetoxy silicone sealant can be useful for exposed joint or connection areas that need high-temperature resistance.

2. Industrial Uses- This product is also a popular choice for industrial applications. Due to its high flexibility nature, it is applied for humidifier gaskets, duct application, insulating wire, pump and compressor gaskets, cable and furnace door gaskets, and appliance door gaskets. Dolphin’s high resistance Acetoxy Silicone Sealant is also applicable for the areas like tile, metals, woods, and bonding glasses.


  • Dolphin Acetoxy Silicone Sealant product is very useful. The following are the basic application areas of these products.
  • Concrete, Joint Cement, Manufactured Housing.
  • Use on the flooring, Roofing, Wall Covering, Pre-Finish Panels, Drywall Lamination, Joints in exterior walls.
  • Spandrels, Repair of Larger Cracks, Perimeter of Doors and Fixed Window Frames.
  • Acetoxy grade- anti-fungal & anti-bacterial.
  • Acid-resistant.
  • Food grade.
  • Joint motion functionality 25%.

The Norms of Using the Product:-


There are many uses of the products. But the main thing is how to use this product is the main concern. The Dolphin Acetoxy Silicone Sealant should be used in areas that must be in dry and clean condition. Besides this, the area must be clear from dirt, dust, oil materials, and rust as well. The solvent must be cleaned with a clean cloth before it evaporates from the surface area. Many clients use cartridges, so they need to use masking tape on both sides of the joint cartridge to make sure the product can give the best performance. Always use the sealant with a caulking gun, and after the application of the product and make sure that you have done the sealant with one stroke. Don’t forget to remove masking tape after the process. When doing the whole process, you can mix any chemical with the sealant. While using the sealant, always wear eyewear to stay protected. Always stay careful about touching your skin. At the time of breathing, don’t breathe the fumes, as it is dangerous for your health. Clean all the equipment with cleaned warm water after the application process and store the sealant in a cool place immediately. It should be stored in a dry place where the temperature is between 25 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius.

There are a few limitations of the sealant. That is, the product is not good for your skin and health. Sometimes it is really difficult to follow the strict instruction describe in user the manual.

The Product Features:


The Dolphin 140 General Purpose Silicon Sealant (TDS) is one of the best products that are used as high strength waterproofing used as a multi-purpose sealant. It is an anti-bacterial, acetic cure sealant and a robust anti-fungicide product that prevents bacterial issues.

The product is applied on the areas like-

Draught proofing

Use to seal around of the timber, metals, and U-PVC window and doors.

It is also used for interior purposes.

The product is also useful for sealing bathtubs, basins, and other sanitary products.

The product should be used with adequate protection and proper guidelines because it may cause your health and skin. So, to protect yourself, take proper measures like wash your skin and other measures.

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