Muhammad Jan


I am Muhammad Jan , TeamLeaderWarehouse. I am here at AMI from past 15 years.
I am from a small village in Pakistan. I came here looking for livelihood for myself and the family. I started with AMI as a helper and today I am the Team leader in the warehouse. I am very happy with my growth in the company. I also look forward to much more in the future.
People at Al Muqarram Industry are kind and do take care of smallest of the things related to us. After my growth in the company I have my own home in a city and my children are studying in a good school. My family is happy and is able to get everything possible.
I wake up every day in the morning with a lot of motivation and confidence to go to work and perform at my best to generate best possible results for my team. The management treats all the employees equally and provides all the tools and training for personal and professional growth.
I am very happy to say that I Belong at Al Muqarram Industry. Thank you for the opportunity given to me to share my story that I am proud of.

Marhaba       مرحبا

Welcome to Al Muqarram. Nice to meet you. Speak to SABA or MARK for your inquires.