Have a painting job but not interested in dipping brushes or rollers into the liquid paint, smoothing it over, taking care of unwanted drips and dragging your hands up and down the surface?

Well, we get it. You like the simpler and effortless way of painting – a smarter product that gets the job done brilliantly but leaves no mess behind and takes minimum efforts from you. 

That’s why we at Al Muqarram Industry have put immense efforts and strategy in manufacturing our wide range of Dolphin Spray Paints. After years of testing and upgrading our products consistently we have finally flooded the spray paint industry with uncompromised quality products which is why we are renowned as one of the leading Dolphin Spray Paints Manufacturers in the M.E.A region.

Dolphin Spray Paints are trustworthy and reliable painting and decorating solutions that display exceptional results after application. This category includes the following products:

Different Variants of Dolphin Spray Paints include :

  1. Metallic Colour
  2. Normal Colour
  3. Fluorescent 
  4. Matt Finish

We are experts in matching the colour and shade you desire for your industrial projects and DIY requirements.

The features and properties of Dolphin Spray Paints you should be aware of 

  1. Made from 100% acrylic resin & CFC free
  2. Rich colour with high gloss and perfect finishing for regular painting and decoration
  3. Excellent weather resistance
  4. A fast drying formula that has good levelling
  5. Strong adhesion with high coverage
  6. Suitable for interior and exterior applications
  7. Compatible with substrates like wood, metal, glass, plastic etc…

If you insist on counting the benefits of Dolphin Spray Paints, let’s start with the most impressive ones. Dolphin spray paints help you paint and decorate stress-free in so many ways. 

  1. Save your time by making the painting job convenient and quick with lots of colour choices as desired
  2. Never compromise on the quality of the job. It guarantees a perfectly smooth finish with higher durability and abrasion resistance.
  3. Quick drying formula and hence less waiting time 
  4. Spray painting is less messy and filled with fun. So, you can go and unleash that creative side of yours without worrying about anything else.
  5. Compatibility with a wide range of surfaces including wood, plastic, leather, steel, glass, ceramics, metal, concrete blocks, stepping stones, interior doors and much more. So, you won’t need to buy different cans for different kinds of surfaces.
  6. Applicable to Interior and Exterior Usage

Let’s Check Some Applications

Spray Paints have a wide range of applications from large-scale industrial projects to interior design and DIY projects. Here are a few things you can hop on to painting starting from today itself:

  • Modernising furniture and appliances
  • Revamping Windows and Door frames 
  • Adding vibrancy into your gardens
  • Restoring metals
  • Redefine personality of your space with wall arts
  • Industrial usage
  • Automobile applications
  • Ready to tap into your creative skills and paint your DIY project?
Marhaba       مرحبا

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