Dolphin PU foam is a high-quality adhesive foam with excellent bonding strength that is applicable to a wide range of surfaces. It is commonly used in buildings to fill and enclosed spaces between roof tiles, concrete slabs, wall cavities, drilled holes, frame construction, gaps around windows, and another substrate. It’s a single component, moisture-curing, and self-expanding polyurethane foam.

Dolphin PU foam by Al muqarram is worth every penny. It has remarkable weather resistance and comes with the benefit of multi-purpose use. Polyurethane Foam reacts swiftly with moisture in the air and expands after application. It adheres exceedingly well to a wide variety of surfaces including wood, concrete, plaster, plumbing, etc. thanks to its great adhesive power and once you start using Dolphin PU foams, there is no going back.

Application instructions

  • Shake the PU foam can vigorously for 45 to 60 seconds before and between uses. 
  • Clean the surface from dirt, greases, and dust to facilitate maximum adhesion. For metallic surfaces, get rid of rust.
  • Protect adjacent surfaces with tape or plastic film. 
  • Remove the seal cap and put clean nozzle spray. 
  • Hold the cylinder upside down and dispense slowly. Spray the product in thin layers while moving your hand in one specific direction.
  • Fill the opening only 50 % full to allow proper expansion. It usually takes 10 minutes for the hoam to cure properly.
  • Wait for 1 hour and then use a knife to smooth and trim excess foam. Recommended single layer thickness is 5-8 cm. You can apply several layers with a minimum of a 12 hours gap.
  • Overfilling and PU foam drops can be cleaned with paint thinner acetone, Toluene, or Nail polish remover.
  • It is advisable to use the entire quantity of a PU foam can within 2 hours of opening the can to avoid clogging of cured material inside the trigger and straw line or gun lines.

FOR SMALL GAPS: Dispense PU foam slowly and fill the gap with 50 % of volume and allow the foam to expand and fill the rest of the gap.

FOR BIG GAPS: Use multiple coats of PU foam. Sprinkle a small amount of water between layers to speed up the curing process.

Storage and shelf life   Dolphin PU foam has quite a long shelf life provided you maintain good storage conditions. Always store the can in an upright position away from exposure to open flame, direct sunlight, and temperature exceeding 50 degrees celsius. Excessive heat can cause premature aging of components resulting in shorter shelf life. Keep away from (Strong) acids and (strong) bases.

Store in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area and you will maintain the shelf life of Dolphin PU Foam for 15 months from the date of manufacturing.

Where is it used?

Doors and windows assembly is the most effective utilization region of Dolphin PU Foam. It is used for the insulation of electrical installations, hot and cold water pipes, adhesion of roofing tiles, tightness of terraces, concrete shear wall buildings, industrial roof insulation, cold storage houses, and ice plants, decks of ships and yachts, filling of the voids between external thermal insulation materials, adhesion of insulation materials, filling of the voids and insulation of dry food storages and for a lot more purposes.

The biggest benefit of PU foam: keeps the pests away

PU foam is made up of self-expanding material and hence offers the biggest advantage of filling up even the hard-to-reach cracks and crevices. These small holes are the favorite places for the pests to grow and multiply. By covering these holes with PU foam, you get protection from insects and other pests.

Special features of Dolphin PU foam by Al Muqarram

  • Durable airtight seal: prevents air infiltration and energy loss
  • High insulating value saves energy and money. 
  • Environment friendly: contains no CFC’s, no HCFC’s, ozone friendly, non-toxic PU foam
  • Available in two sizes: 500 ml and 750 ml metal cans.

One thing you will never get stuck with after buying this can of Dolphin PU foam by Al Muqarram is REGRET. So, stop waiting and make your first purchase today!

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