DIY Sealants

Almost everybody had those days when they were looking at leakage gaps around baths, showers, windows, worktops, gutters, downpipes & aquariums or mirrors & glasses waiting to be tied to the walls. We guess you have had those visits to the local sealant supplier to fix these tantrums of your house and maybe you had no knowledge about which silicone sealant can best serve you and hence you decided to go with the shopkeeper’s advice. He followed his collaboration rule with some sealant manufacturer and recommended the same product to you without actually ever testing it.

You get back home with the intent of fixing your house only to be completely disappointed when that sealant strips away from the surface in a few days. You are not at fault here but the quality of your sealant definitely is. That’s why we recommend when it comes to your house, never compromise with less. Choose the best quality of silicone sealants by Al muqarram.

Being in the industry for more than 20 years, we have tested our industrial sealants millionth times to come up with an extremely high-quality product that can satisfy your craving for a DIY fixing project. Our specialty silicone sealants are the right fit for your DIY projects because they are pretty easy to use and work super efficiently. Below are some properties that make our product no.1 construction sealant.

UV resistance

Thanks to its molecular structure and high bond energy, silicone has resistance to ultraviolet light and weathering. This allows silicone sealant to have a longer lifespan than other organic substances which degrade on exposure to UV light.

Temperature resistance

Dolphin silicone sealants have a much higher ability to withstand temperature fluctuations than rubber sealants do. Being resistant to thermal expansion and contraction, wind oscillation, and even seismic movement makes them a perfect choice for your DIY project.

Highest movement capability

You can mold it into your windows, doors, or other movable joints confidently because we ensure that the sealant causes no compromise to the flexibility of the surface.

Longer service life

Whatever your fixing project is, you definitely want to last it for a long time. Dolphin silicone sealants ensure it does. Forming a tight seal with the surface, they serve you extensive adhesiveness & durability.

Dolphin sealant is a very versatile product. So, you can happily use it for a wide range of surfaces. Now before you go on to purchase your next can of sealant, let us just help you with the steps to use your DIY sealant.

  1. Set up the surface by thoroughly cleaning it. This process guarantees a solid grip between the sealant and the surface by eliminating the old sealant layer and other debris.
  1. To make sure that your sealant stays inside without spreading and you end up with an aesthetic repair, use masking tape around the joint to be fixed.
  1. Hold the can at a 45° angle and apply silicone sealant ahead of the nozzle to accomplish a smooth seal.
  1. Use your finger or a damp paper towel to complete tooling immediately. Afterward, use a dry towel to eliminate excess material.
  1. Take note of these timings:
  2. Sealant takes around five minutes to form a skin.
  3. It dries to touch in around 60 minutes.
  4. The curing and bonding time takes another 24 hours.

So, allow your surface 7 days to rest & arrive at its most extreme strength.

  1. If you haven’t utilized the full cylinder of sealant at a single project and want to store it for your next DIY, make sure that you seal the tip with masking tape or grease to forestall air exposure.
  1. Remember, silicone is not good for your health, so once you are done with your project, wipe your hands with a dry cloth, and afterward wash them thoroughly with a cleanser and water.
  1. On your first go, you might end up finishing your can much before your project and multiple imperfect layers of sealant on your surface but with practice, you will build up the speedy application while reducing Sealant wastage and least physical effort.

Hopefully, now you are all set with the knowledge of how to use silicone sealant for your DIY project. So, stop the wait for plumbers to fix your house and take charge in your hands. Get Dolphin Silicone Sealant by Al Muqarram and start renovating your house.

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