Fix & Seal Super clear

Dolphin Fix & Seal super clear is a high quality, crystal clear, neutral, elastic, 1-component adhesive based on Hybrid Polymer.


– All common bonding applications, both in and outdoor.
– Sealing joints indoors.
of concrete, stone, plasterwork, wood, chipboard etc
– Transparent and elastic bonding in construction and
building applications.
– Invisible bonding of glass and other transparent
materials in indoor applications.
– Joints in bathrooms and kitchens


– Crystal clear formulation
– Excellent adhesion on nearly all surfaces, even if
slightly moist.
– Very good mechanical characteristics.
– Impervious to mould, contains biocide with
fungicidal action.
– Suitable for sanitary applications.
– Good extrudability even at low temperature.
– Free of isocyanates, solvents, halogens and
– Can be painted with water based system.
– Permanently elastic after curing