Dolphin – Car Shampoo

Dolphin – Car Shampoo is a pH neutral and perfectly concentrated car wash shampoo, suitable for vehicle body wash and multi-functional usage. The advanced formula keeps the surface polish intact.



– Non-toxic formula.
– Eco- friendly, Biodegradable.
– Excellent cleaning property.
– Suitable to use on a freshly painted or waxed surface.

Application Instructions:

– Before application, wash-off the tough dirt from the vehicle body with clear water.
– Mix 1Ltr of Dolphin Shampoo with 25-30 Ltr of clean water in a container.
– Sprinkle the mixture on the vehicle body.
– The body should be washed from top-down.
– Tyres and wheel rim should be washed separately.
– Do not let the foam to dry on to the vehicle’s painted surface.
– Rinse vehicle’s exterior body thoroughly with free-flowing water.

Storage & Shelf-Life:

36 months in unopened packaging in a dry and cool storage place, at a temperature below 50°C. Do not store in direct sunlight.


Sr. No Volume Packaging Type
1. 1Ltr Plastic can
2. 20Ltr Plastic Pail
3. 200Ltr Plastic Barrel