Dolphin – Aluglass Tape

Dolphin Aluglass Tape is a pressure-sensitive Rubber resin adhesive with Foil glass fabric and self-wound in the release liner. It is specifically designed for the HVAC/Insulation industry application.


Application Area:

  • Vapor barrier for HVAC applications
  • Seal Seams and Joints on aluminum faced fiberglass, Flexible ducts, Fiberglass beds

Application Instructions:

Closure System for Fibre Glass & Mineral Wool Insulation System that is faced with foil, Seal seams and Joints on aluminum faced fiberglass duct board.

Storage & Shelf-Life:

12 months when stored in a dry and cool storage place, at temperature +25°C or below and 50% Relative Humidity. Do not store in direct sunlight.

Color Availability:

It is available only in silver metallic color.



Width and length are available on request.