Dolphin 540 Neutral Sealant

Dolphin 540 Neutral construction grade weather sealant is an one component neutral cure silicone with excellent adhesion to different substrates. It is non corrosive to metal and has low odour. It cures to atmospheric moisture to form a permanently flexible rubber seal. It is UV, ozone, moisture and temperature resistant, with high movement capability. It is well suited for Door & Window and most general construction applications.  Al Muqarram presents Dolphin 540 Neutral Sealant, along with Neutral Silicone Sealant and Neutral Plus Silicone Sealant. Explore our range for superior neutral waterproof sealant solutions, including sealant for neutral 540 applications.


Typical Uses:

– All weather sealing applications like general – purpose glazing
– Due to low modulus property it can dynamically seal moving joints such as expansion & control joint, ACP, anodized aluminium, cement, wood, glass ceramics, painted surface and many plastics.
– Concrete panel joints, Tilt- Up panel joints, curtain wall joints
– Suitable for perimeter caulking ( Window, door panels and frames etc.)
– Recommended for exterior applications

Key Features

– Non – Corrosive
– Non – Stain
– Excellent Adhesion
– Dynamic Sealing

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