Dolphin 500 – 100 % Neutral

Dolphin 500 Neutraseal premium silicone sealant is a versatile neutral oxime grade, one component, non – slump, 100% polymer which cures to form a high strength durable and elastic rubber seal with excellent adhesion. It is perfectly formulated for sanitary and general construction applications. It is an anti – fungal silicone which forms permanent bonding after curing. It has non – corrosive property and 50% joint movement capability. This product is odorless, resistant to UV & Water


Typical Uses:

– Sealing of expansion joints in concrete, brickwork, curtain wall construction.
– Kitchen, bathrooms and showers. General sealing and waterproofing.
– General construction, vinyl, aluminium and metal sliding.
– General Construction
– Suitable for internal application.
– Metal Building and Portable Housing Applications
– Nonstructural Glazing applications.

Key Features

– Excellent Adhesion
– Negligible Shrinkage
– Non-corrosive & odourless
– Non-stain

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