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    Dolphin Spray Paints are flagship products manufactured by Al Muqarram Industry.

    Our spray paints range is produced from 100 % acrylic resin customized and formulated for industrial, commercial, decorative, and protective purposes. Its film finish has excellent hardness with weather resistance in a highly corrosive environment, thus making it suitable both for interior and exterior applications. Our industrial production is seamless with CFC-free advanced technology.

    Dolphin Spray Paints are utilized in a wide range of substrates comprising of metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, concrete, canvas, particleboard, laminate, glass, and many more. We are the ideal spray paint manufacturers and quantity suppliers to our agents located globally. Our assorted regular and special color range is our strength to serve customized requirements.

    We are a Made in UAE manufacturer and supplier of assorted shades of spray paints like Golden Spray Paint, Silver Spray Paint, Red Spray Paint, White Spray Paint, Black Spray Paint, Grey Spray Paint, and many more utilized for commercial, industrial and decorative purposes in bulk quantities in the UAE and globally without any compromise in the quality. Every shipment undergoes multiple checks to ensure the highest level of safety.

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