Dolphin Wheel & Rim Cleaner

DOLPHIN WHEEL & RIM CLEANER is special and safe formula for alloying  wheel rim to loosen and lifts caked-on brake dust, dirt & grime and  surface stains.
Makes the wheel & rim bright & shine.


  •  Safe for all types of wheels like painted, polished metal, chrome and powder coated.
  •  Easily and safely removes filth & grime, corrosive brake dust, dirt & rust and contamination from wheels.
  •  Dissolves grease and oil without damaging wheels.
  •  Lubricates brushes so rubbing and scrubbing won’t scratch sensitive surfaces.

Application instruction

  •  Spray product over the entire wheel (rim) and tire, use on cool surface.
  •  Clean with water before product dries.
  •  Wipe dried the wheel (rim) and tire with a clean dry towel.
  •  For tough stains, apply cleaner and rub gently with a soft brush or sponge. 

Storage and Shelf life

Store in a dry and well-ventilated store room at the temperature below 40 °C.
Expiry Date: 3 years from date of manufacturing.


Application Video

DOLPHIN WHEEL & RIM CLEANER is available in 750 ML bottle.


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