Dolphin Fix & Seal Sealant Tube

Flexible high strength sealant and adhesive that is suitable for wide range of applications unlike silicone sealants. DOLPHIN FIX & SEAL MS SEALEANT can be painted over with most acrylic and alkyl paints and is hazard free. The product can be used indoors or outdoors for sealing and/or bonding any materials.


-Wall panels , Glass (not recommended for PE, PP and Teflon (PTFE)) , Stone and concrete, Many metals , ? Skirting boards, Windows sills, Thresholds, Insulations

Application instruction

-Not recommended for submerged joints where porous substrates permit

water to the bond interface.  Not for PE, PP, Teflon,  Neoprene and bituminous




Storage and Shelf life

-When stored in original unopened tubes below 25ºC DOLPHIN FIX & SEAL MS SEALANT has a shelf life of 18 months from date of Manufacturing.




Application Video

- Available in 90 ml collapsible tubes


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