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Different variety of Silicone Sealants which include metal sealant, clear sealant, RTV high temperature sealant, underwater sealant, general purpose sealant, Weatherproof sealants etc.


Adhesive industrial tapes like Packaging tapes, duct tapes, double sided tape, foam tape, high temperature tapes, masking tapes, Aluminum tapes, electricla insulation tapes etc.


Aerosol variety includes Spray Paints, Gold Spray Paints, Metal Spray Paints, Air Fresheners, Polyurethane foam, lubricating spray etc.

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About Us

Al Muqarram Industries is a leading manufacturing group in UAE established since 2000. We produce Silicone sealants, Adhesives & Coatings, Tapes,  Aerosols along with variety of other products being marketed to different countries all over