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Serving the biggest economies with quality and affordability

In the past century, the rise of the two largest economies in the world – India, and China, has been meteoric. The financial and developmental progress enjoyed by adjoining nations of Pakistan and the recovery economy of Afghanistan has paved the way for commercially viable and cost-effective products from AMI. Since the strict UAE regulations standardize all of our products, quality is never compromised.

We understand the distinctive nature of the Asian market

Al Muqarram Group has brought together a panel of experts to understand the Asian market decisively and bring out products that are effective in the specific regions. Being a globally recognized brand that is trusted by millions all across the world, has helped AMI and its long list of construction and maintenance products to move further down and make room in the consumer markets of Singapore and the Philippines as well.

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Our products offer a wide range of applications for industrial, commercial, and personal use to contractors and consumers alike.

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To keep up with the rapidly modernizing World, our diverse line-up of products is designed to give you the leading edge across various industries.

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Being at the forefront of innovation in various industries has helped us solidify our brands across 34 countries. Our export channels are already established in the GCC and East Africa, Eastern Europe, South Asia, and the list keeps growing.