Dolphin - Far East

Partaking in the industrial Renaissance of Europe

Encompassing the regional commercial market has presented Al Muqarram Group with the foothold to venture across the Arabian Peninsula and reach out to nations in the European continent. Building a fruitful and prosperous trade partnership in regions such as Turkey and Georgia have presented our brands the opportunity to cater to a broader market and give well-established brands in the industrial products space, a run for their money.

Quality products built for the European standards

The range of products hosted by AMI specifically for the European countries is carefully articulated to not only sustain the weather conditions but also adhere to the strict code of conduct. Our commercial products are on par with the safety regulations and standards of the region, and we have dedicated an entire team of experts specifically for the European region that is continually innovating to stay up to date with the latest trends.

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Our products offer a wide range of applications for industrial, commercial, and personal use to contractors and consumers alike.

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To keep up with the rapidly modernizing World, our diverse line-up of products is designed to give you the leading edge across various industries.

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Being at the forefront of innovation in various industries has helped us solidify our brands across 34 countries. Our export channels are already established in the GCC and East Africa, Eastern Europe, South Asia, and the list keeps growing.