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Piloting modern technology to the progressing continent

The continent of Africa is undergoing an industrial and socioeconomic revolution as several countries are developing modern infrastructure to connect with the global world. Supporting the booming construction and automotive industry in Africa, Al Muqarram Group has presented a unified front in developing products that are specifically designed to meet the specific needs of the region.

Our products are designed for the diverse African region

Spanning across North Africa to capture the commercial market of Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco, AMI products have become a sought-after brand in Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Somali Land, Uganda, and Ghana. The diverse climatic conditions of the African continent demand construction products that are built to last under the weather, and we’ve devised each of our products to accommodate these needs.

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Our products offer a wide range of applications for industrial, commercial, and personal use to contractors and consumers alike.

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To keep up with the rapidly modernizing World, our diverse line-up of products is designed to give you the leading edge across various industries.

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Being at the forefront of innovation in various industries has helped us solidify our brands across 34 countries. Our export channels are already established in the GCC and East Africa, Eastern Europe, South Asia, and the list keeps growing.