Al Muqarram Industry LLC

Al Muqarram Industry, Umm Al Quwain division sprung into existence in the year 2014, after AMI became a renowned brand all across the United Arab Emirates and its neighboring regions. The facility stands today as a production center for PU Foam, Spray Paint, and an extensive line of Vehicle Care & Maintenance products.

Our Establishment

The production facility is built on 2,700 square meters that are operated by 20 AMI team members, along with a sizable warehouse of 14,000 square meters that houses a staff of 10 employees.

Research & Development

Al Muqarram Group boasts of state-of-the-art laboratories dedicated in a total area of 3000 square meters. Pioneering the technology behind Aerosol sprays and staying ahead of the curve has awarded us years of experience in developing and improving numerous spray-based products. Since contrasting products react differently to the methodology involved in developing aerosol sprays, our process of pre and post-production testing covers it all.


By capitalizing on the new and improved aerosol technology brought about by European premium machinery, along with dependable and large-scale producing Chinese machinery, is what enables us to implement quality and affordability into our long list of products. Beginning with the conceptualization process, to delivering the final product after vigorous tests and safety checks, our laboratory and diligent team members work round the clock to bring out nothing but the best to the market.