Dolphin PIR Adhesive

• Can be used in wide varieties of foams and metal substrates. 

• Recommended for HVAC applications. 

• Under deck insulation

• Duct insulation (nitryl rubber to metal)  

Dolphin Contact Adhesive

• DOLPHIN CONTACT Adhesive is a high strength, multipurpose adhesive that bonds instantly on contact.

• DOLPHIN contact Adhesive has the power to bond most types of materials, and will even fix non-porous surfaces together e.g. metal to metal, making it ideal for a wide range of DIY tasks and household repairs.

• DOLPHIN CONTACT Adhesive is ideal for bonding: wood, MDF, laminate, metal, PVC, leather, rubber, glass, mirror, stone, and ceramics. 

• DOLPHIN CONTACT Adhesive is not suitable for use on polystyrene, cellulose paint, vinyl, polythene, polypropylene and rayon fabrics. If in doubt, test a small area first.

Dolphin Floor Adhesive

• Multi-Purpose Floor & PVC Vinyl Adhesive.

• DOLPHIN FLOOR ADHESIVE is recommended for bonding of PVC sheet, Vinyl coverings and tiles, EPDM sheet, Polystyrene board, PU foam and similar material with concrete, metals and wooden substrates.

• DOLPHIN FLOOR ADHESIVE is also suitable to most of porous and nonporous surfaces.

• Recommended for both horizontal and inclined Structure.

• DOLPHIN FLOOR ADHESIVE is suitable also for use with under floor heating installations. However the heating should be switched off at least 48 hours before and after the installation of floor coverings.

MDF Bond

• Used for fixing and repairing wooden parts. 

• Suitable for MDF, Chipboards, Wood, Rubber, Most Plastics, Leather, Cork etc. 

• Especially suitable for processes where curing time matters.

Dolphin CPVC Adhesive

  • For joining and cementing all classes and schedules of pipes and pipe fitting made of CPVC.
  • For hot water pipes

Dolphin UPVC adhesive

  • For joining and cementing all classes and schedules of pipes and pipe fitting made of UPVC. 
  • For normal water pipes

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