MDF Bond

DOLPHIN MDF BOND kit is a bonding agent which, comes in a set of high viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive and an Aerosol activator.


• High bonding strength.
• Suitable for use on an inclined surface.
• Suitable to bond on an uneven and rough surface.
• Particularly suited to bond difficult substrates.
• It increases the bonding strength by preventing the adhesive to be absorbed by the surface. 


• Used for fixing and repairing wooden parts. 

• Suitable for MDF, Chipboards, Wood, Rubber, Most Plastics, Leather, Cork etc. 

• Especially suitable for processes where curing time matters.

Application instruction

Clean the surface before application. Move the Adhesive nozzle on the targeted areas as the adhesive drips out. Spray the activator on the other surface. Join both surfaces and press them firmly with your hands for one minute. Application temperature is 5-30 °C.

Storage and Shelf life

Not Available


Application Video

Volume                       Packing
400 ml & 100 gm          25 pcs
200 ml & 50 gm           25 pcs

Not Available

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