Dolphin Warning Tape

DOLPHIN WARNING TAPE is widely used in the field of law enforcement, construction, safety, painting, work areas, crime scenes and any potentially dangerous areas. 



  • It is wrapped and affixed as a visual warning sign and demarcation, for instance against entering a dangerous area.


  • It is often carries corresponding warnings prominently in writing. 

Application instruction

Width and length are available on request. 



Storage and Shelf life

Tapes should be stored in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight and other heat sources. Tapes can be used before twelve (12) months when stored at 25ºC with 50% Relative Humidity. 



Application Video

DOLPHIN WARNING TAPE is available in bulk pallets or by individual cartons

for each tape. Usually available in sized of 75 mm width x 500 meters

length roll. 


DOLPHIN WARNING TAPE is available in PE printed material colors, Black and yellow, Red and white or customized color available upon request. These tapes can be customized with any imprint of your company’s name, logo and telephone number.

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