Dolphin Radiator Flush

DOLPHIN  RADIATOR FLUSH is powerful heavy duty cleaner having multipurpose  functions like removes scale, eliminates rust deposits and oily residues  from vehicle radiators and cooling systems. This technology doesn’t  damage to rubber hoses, seals and all metals in the cooling system.


  • Non-toxic formula.
  •  Eco- friendly
  •  Excellent cleaning power.

  • Excellent performance in all types of cleaning vehicle water tank and cooling system.
  • Non-Hazardous  for rubber, Easy to use for convenient and efficient cleaning. Helps to  prevent overheating and keeps dirt and particulates in suspension  during cleaning.

Application instruction

  • Switch off the engine and wait to cool down.
  • Remove  the old coolant content from the radiator. Pour “Dolphin” Radiator  Flush into it and add the clean water till full the radiator.
  • Add the water into tank and run the engine for 15 minutes.
  • Switch the engine off and drain the radiator again and use clean water to wash radiator tank.
  • One bottle for commercial cars and two bottles for heavy vehicles like trucks etc.

Storage and Shelf life

Store in a dry and well-ventilated store room at the temperature below 40 °C.
Expiry Date: 3 years from date of manufacturing.


Application Video

DOLPHIN RADIATOR FLUSH is available in 335 ML bottle.


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