Dolphin Radiator Coolant

Formulated with special additives to increase the boiling point of product. Prevent rust, corrosion and buildup of scale. It can be used in radiators made up from different metals.


DOLPHIN Radiator Coolant is the premium blend of glycols, rust Inhibitors and other performance enhancers for achieving optimum engine temperatures and extending the service life. It is specially formulated to replenish and re-condition old coolant with its anti-freeze nature.

Application instruction

  • When engine is cold, flush out the cooling system by opening the drain plugs. 
  • Open the radiator cap. Using a hose with running water, let the water enter into the system and run continuously until water coming out of drain is clear. 
  • Fasten all drain plugs. 
  • Fill the system with 100% Dolphin Radiator Coolant. 
  • Run engine and check for leaks. 
  • Replace Dolphin Radiator Coolant after every 6,000-8,000 kms.

Storage and Shelf life

Store in a cool, dry location in unopened containers at temperature below 50°C.
Do not place in direct sunlight or nearby any heat and flame source.
36 months shelf life from date of manufacturing.


1 ltr bottle - 24 Pieces / Carton

4 ltr Jelly Can 6 Pieces / Carton


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