Dolphin Car Shampoo

Perfectly washes and cleans car body and other surfaces of all kinds of materials an easy working procedure suitable for frequent and quick washing. It never washes away waxes, polishing pastes, polishes or other previously applied impregnation. Ideal for hand wash using a sponge, as well as professional pressure wash using a foam cannon or a pistol with a nozzle. Totally environment-friendly – contains minimum amount of chemicals.


Balanced car shampoo with perfect content for strong and enhanced shine. This technology keeps your polish protection and is biodegradable, nontoxic, environment friendly and with no aggressive cleaners. It is fine enough to be used on newly painted or waxed paints. It is suitable for everyday hand wash, as well as pressure washer cleaning. It is pH neutral.

Application instruction

Wash the car with water first to remove rough dirt
Mix 1 L of the product with 25-30 L of clear water in a wash bucket or machine.
Always wash tyres and wheels with a sponge and shampoo first
Do not use the same sponge and cleaning solution on all parts of your car.
Tyres and wheels should be washed separately.
The body should be washed from the top downwards and if you wash your car in a direct sunlight, rinse the body few times with clean water.
Do not let the foam and water dry on your paint.
After washing rinse your car with free-flowing water

Storage and Shelf life

Store in tightly enclosed containers in a dry and well-ventilated store room at the temperature below 50 °C.
Expiry Date: 2 years from date of manufacturing.


Available in 1 Ltr, 20 Ltrs. & 200 Ltrs

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