Dolphin PU Foam 750ml

DOLPHIN PU FOAM is a high quality component polyurethane foam and have excellent properties in bonding strength that adheres to a wide range of surfaces. Used in building insulation that can fill and enclose spares between roof tiles, concrete slabs, wall cavities, drilled holes, frame construction, gaps around windows and other substrate. It’s a single component, moisture-curing and self-expanding polyurethane foam. DOLPHIN PU FOAM is cost efficient. It has remarkable weather resistance, multi-purpose use.


  • Mounting of window and doorframes.
  • Sealing of all types of cracks and holes.
  • Insulation of water-pipe network, central heating.
  • Soundproofing of partition walls, car and boat cabins, etc.

Application instruction

  • Shake can vigorously for 45 to 60 seconds before and between uses. 
  • Clean Surfaces of dirt greases and dust. Protect adjacent surfaces with tape or plastic film.
  •  Remove the seal cap and put clean nozzle spray.
  •  Hold the cylinder upside down and dispense slowly. Fill opening only 50 % full to allow proper expansion.
  •  Foam begins to cure after 10 minutes. Wait for 1 hour before doing next step.
  • Use a knife to smooth and trim excess foam. Recommended single layer thickness is 5-8 cm. Several layers may apply with minimum of 12 hours gap.
  • Over filling and PU foam drops can be cleaned with paint thinner acetone or Toluene or Nail polish remover.
  • For best result apply Hi Stick PU Foam with recommended temperature from +5°C to +30°C
  • When opening New PU foam can, consume full quantity within 2 hours to avoid clogging of cured material inside the trigger and straw line or gun lines.
  • FOR SMALL GAP: Dispense PU foam slowly and fill the gap 50 % of volume and allow the foam to expand and fill the gap.
  • FOR BIG GAP: Dispense the foam slowly one or two coats. Sprinkle small amount water between layers to speed up moisture cure.

Storage and Shelf life

Store in cool, dry area. Do not expose to open flame. Excessive heat can cause premature aging of components resulting in shorter shelf life. Foam is reusable by following product instructions. Keep in upright position. Shelter from direct sunlight. Do not expose to temperature exceeding 50°C. Do not pierce or burn even after use.


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