Dolphin AM-40 (De-rust lubricating spray) - 480 ml

This product can be widely used in places where inconvenience maybe caused by rust including automobiles, ships, households, factories and electric rooms. It can infiltrate the areas of rust in a short time and slacken rust. It can wipe out the noise caused by rubbing the spare parts or movable fittings, clean, lubricate and protect all kinds of machines and to remove humidity and prevent rusting.



- clean, lubricate and protect all kinds of machines and remove humidity and prevent rusting
- long term rust protection to all metals
- It also displaces the moisture to reinstate the equipments such as spark plugs, engines and power tools.
- Protect tools and machinery over a long period of downtime.
-Preserve engine, piston and components from atmospheric rusting.
- Insoluble in water. 

Application instruction

Shake can before spraying. Spray evenly on the desired surface by making sure all the surface is coated for maximum protection. Cleaning of Lube film is not required before startup. 

Storage and Shelf life

Shelf life of 12 months


Application Video

Our product comes in three packages.
I. 220 ML  (24 pcs/carton)
II. 400 ML (12pcs/carton)
III. 480 ML (24pcs/carton)


Flash Point - 45 ?C
Specific Gravity @ 25 ?C  -  0.81 ±0.02
Viscosity @ 25 ?C on Zhan Cup - 32 seconds
Color - Transparent
Odor - Characteristic


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