Dolphin Fix & Seal Nail Free Assembly Adhesive

DOLPHIN FIX & SEAL NAIL FREE ADHESIVE is a general purpose adhesive for general construction work both for interior applications. DOLPHIN FIX & SEAL NAIL FREE ADHESIVE is a gunnable, synthetic rubber based adhesive with excellent green strength, flexibility, excellent resistance to temperature.


- Contact adhesive for installation of wall and floor panels.
- Adhesion of metal, timber & other sheets of plan materials to concrete, plaster or other rigid surfaces.
- Bonding applications where high strength is required.
- Timber, metal, contentious and plaster sheets to timber or metal studs.
- Installation to brick, masonry or concrete walls.
- General purpose construction adhesive.

Application instruction

DOLPHIN FIX & SEAL NAIL FREE ADHESIVE can be applied either as one-way method or a two-way method adhesive. For both applications, the initial requirement is that surfaces to be bonded must be clean and dry and free of grease, oil or dust. Before application, loose materials or flaking paint must be removed and sanded lightly. Surface temperatures of substrates should not exceed 30°C and the product should not be used where continuous exposure to elevated temperature occurs. Apply a 4-6mm bead of adhesive to substrate with a cartridge or extrusion gun with a notched towel. Beads should not exceed 45cm apart and butt joints should be adhered on both panel edges. Surfaces should be bonded together immediately.

One-Way Method
- This method for heavy panels or those that are formed to place a loading or stressed memory on the bond line.
- After application and bonding substrates together, they should be sufficiently clamped, nailed or screwed for maximum surface contact.
- Mechanical fasteners should be retained if highly stressed; but temporary fastening can be released after a minimum of 24 hours.
- For flooring applications, manufacturer’s specifications should be followed.
- To stop floor squeaking, apply a bead of adhesive into the groove of each board after it is laid and immediately prior to mating the tongue from the next panel or board.

Two-Way Method 
- After application, press firmly over entire surface to transfer adhesive and then pull both surfaces apart.
- Allow to tack off for 3-5 minutes (depending on ambient weather conditions) and then reposition and press together firmly.
- Bonded areas should be tapped with a hammer via a padded block to ensure firm contact.
- Depending on the weather conditions and substrates, 12-72 hours is required to reach maximum bond strength.
- Some weighted panels may require temporary mechanical fastening that should be retained for at least this period.

Always test for product compatibility prior to use of this product. ? Veneer plywood can be affected by solvent soaking through the ply and might cause bubbling of the veneer.

Any wet or partially wet adhesive can be removed with scraping and acetone solvent. Dried adhesive is best removed mechanically or with a scraper or by sanding.

Storage and Shelf life

Stored in original unopened container below 25°C, in cool, dry condition, away from direct sunlight and in a well-ventilated area. Keep containers securely sealed.

Storage outside these parameters may dramatically reduce its shelf life.


Application Video

DOLPHIN FIX & SEAL NAIL FREE ADHESIVE is available in 320 grams paper caulking cartridge, 12 per box.


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