Dolphin AC cleaner is used a deodorizer for your cars. It removes mold and bacteria and helps in provide long lasting fresh and clean air.


Removes molds and bacteria.

Removes unpleasant smell.

Long Lasting fresh smell.

Provides clean fresh air.

Application instruction

1) shake can well before use

2) First start engine, then close all windows.

3) Switch on the AC to maximum cold air and circulation mode.

4) Keep the can before passenger seat and push the seat in front direction.

5) Push the actuator.

6) Immediately close all the windowsand give 10 minutes for air circulation and then switch off AC.

7) Finally open the doors and windows to ventilate.

Storage and Shelf life


Application Video

Available in 100 ml can with 24 pcs/carton

1. Do not expose to temp above 50ºC

2. Keep out of reach of children.

3. Keep away from heat & sunlight.

4. Do not puncture.

5. Remove all the people/pets from vehicle during product usage.

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