Dolphin Single Sided EVA Foam Tape

DOLPHIN SINGLE SIDED EVA FOAM TAPE is Ethyl Vinyl acetate foam coated with Rubber Resin pressure sensitive adhesive of high shear and excellent adhesion and self-wound on release liner.



  • Duct gasket 
  • AC Pipe insulation 

Application instruction

Width and length are available on request. 


Storage and Shelf life

Tapes to be stored in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight and other heat sources. Tapes should be used with in twelve (12) months from shipment. For best performance apply the tape on clean, dry, dust & oil free surfaces between 25 to 45 degree celsius.



Application Video

DOLPHIN SINGLE SIDED EVA FOAM TAPE is available in 24mm width x 7.5 mtr Length 80 rolls per carton. 48mm width x 7.5 mtr Length 40 rolls per carton .


DOLPHIN SINGLE SIDED EVA FOAM TAPE is available in Black color.


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