Dolphin 50 Duct Tape

DOLPHIN 50 DUCT TAPE is a polyethylene film laminated over a cloth/scrim substrate coated with rubber based adhesive of strong peel adhesion and water proof. 


HVAC application, Sealing ventilation ducting, Moisture Proofing, Water proof packing, Heavy duty packing, Bundling, Patching, Sealing, Wrapping


Application instruction

Width and length are available on request.


Storage and Shelf life


Tapes should be stored in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight and

other heat sources. Tapes can be used before twelve (12) months when

stored at 25ºC with 50% Relative Humidity.




Application Video


DOLPHIN 50 DUCT TAPE is available in 16 and 24 standard rolls per carton. 1060 mm width x 1250 meter length jumbo roll.


DOLPHIN 50 DUCT TAPE is available Silver, Blue, Green, White, Red, Black and yellow.

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