Alkoxy Structural Glazing 630 sealant

DOLPHIN 630 SG is a single-component, neutral-cure, high modulus silicone sealant ideal for a wide variety of glazing applications. DOLPHIN 630 SG offers fast through-cure and exceptional tensile strength. DOLPHIN 630 SG is designed to meet the stringent performance needs for both 2- and 4-sided structural and protective glazing. It is utilized in unitized curtain wall manufactured in plant or a field-glazed project. All structural glazing applications must be reviewed and approved by AMI Technical Services. 



•One-component product

•Resistant to ozone and temperature extremes

•Odorless and non-corrosive cure system

•The high strength silicone sealant has a very good adhesion properties to a broad range of building substrates. 

•MAS Green Certification ensures safety for use in the most sensitive indoor environments including hospitals and schools. 

•Excellent UV Stability and Long Life Reliability 




•High modulus produces a tough, flexible rubber cure for a tenacious, watertight seal. 

•No mixing required for immediate application with conventional caulking equipment. 

•Ease of use – all-temperature gunnability and easy tooling. 

•Dolphin 630 SG silicone sealant meets the currently accepted engineering standards for structural glazing. 

•The thixotropic nature of this product ensures that it will not slump in typical construction joints. 

•Maintains elastomeric structural joints sealant properties permanently, even under harsh conditions.

Application instruction

Install backing material or joint filler, setting blocks, spacer shims and tapes. When extruding the sealant, cut the nozzle to the desired width, cut the tip off the cartridge, and apply the sealant firmly to ensure good contact between the sealant and the substrate. Before the sealant has skinned, tool it off to ensure a good finish, and to improve the wetting out of the sealant to the substrate. Wipe off the excess sealant with clean cloth and polyethylene scraper. Masking tape can be used and must be removed before the skin over starts.


Storage and Shelf life

Always store in a cool dry place. Store away from sunlight and preferably not more than 25°C. Storage should be frost protected. DOLPHIN 630 SG has 12 months shelf life if stored in required conditions.


Application Video

Dolphin 630 SG is available in 290mL cartridges.  

Not available.

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