Dolphin UPVC adhesive

DOLPHIN UPVC ADHESIVE is a premium quality, medium viscosity clear color solvent based adhesive for joining and cementing all classes and schedules of pipes and pipe fitting made of UPVC. It is easy-to-apply, fast setting and extra strength formulation especially for waterproof bonding and coupling of rigid UPVC pipes and fittings, cable conduits, gutters, etc. It is safe for drinking water pipes upon complete curing.


- Easy to apply
- Single-component application
- It is safe for drinking water after complete curing
- Excellent bond strength
- Fast-curing adhesive
- Meets the requirements of International Standards such as BS and ASTM.

Application instruction

- Cut UPVC pipe in right angles chamfer outside at 15° angle and then smoothen rough edges.
- Insert pipe in the fitting and mark depth.
- Thoroughly clean both surfaces using acetone solvent and tissue paper.
- Mix DOLPHIN UPVC ADHESIVE well before application.
- Apply uniform layer of adhesive in an axial direction using brush with thin layer on the fitting and thicker layer on the pipe.
- Put the parts together within 4 minutes (at 23°C) without turning and hold firmly for few seconds.
- Wipe off excess adhesive immediately.
- Allow the assembled joint to settle in place undisturbed for 5 minutes (15 min. if temp. is below 10°C).
- Replace cap tightly after use.
- After assembly and after allowing adhesive to set in place, fill pipes with water and allow water to run continuously inside the pipe for rinsing before use.

Storage and Shelf life

E When stored in original unopened container below 25°C, in cool, dry condition, away from direct sunlight, away from direct flame and in a well-ventilated area, DOLPHIN UPVC ADHESIVE has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacturing. Keep containers securely sealed. Storage outside these parameters may dramatically reduce its shelf life.


Application Video

DOLPHIN UPVC ADHESIVE is available in tin cans of 946 ml, 476 ml, 237 ml and 118 ml.

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