Dolphin MDF Bond Kit

DOLPHIN MDF BOND KIT is a bonding agent which, comes in a set of high viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive and an aerosol activator.


- High bonding strength.
- Suitable for use on an inclined surface.
- Suitable to bond on an uneven and rough surface.
- Particularly suited to bond difficult substrates. It increases the bonding strength by preventing the adhesive to be absorbed by the surface.

Application instruction

- Clean the surface before application.
- Move the adhesive nozzle on the targeted areas as the adhesive drips out.
- Spray the activator on the other surface.
- Join both surfaces and press them firmly with your hands for one minute.
- Application temperature is 5-30?C.

Storage and Shelf life

Shelf life of 18 months if stored below 25 ?C in an unopened container. Temperature is a critical factor in storing this material, hence material should must be kept below 25 ?C. Stacking of 5.4 feet should be done in the warehouse.


Application Video

100gm Cyanoacrylate & 400ml Activator

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