Hybrid Sealant

Dolphin Fix & Seal Sealant

Wall Panels, Glass ( not recommended for PE, PP and Teflon), Stone and concrete, Many metals, Skirting boards, Window sills, Thresholds, Insulation

Dolphin Fix & Seal High Tack sealant

• Construction and building applications where high bonding strength and fast crosslinking is required. 

• Works for general indoor and outdoor sealing and bonding applications. 

• Wide variety of substrates including wood, metals, PVC, plastics, stone and concrete 

• Elastic bonding for industrial use as well as car and container industry.

Dolphin Windscreen Fix Sealant

• Car front windscreen bonding and other automotive glass fixing and sealing application

• Bonding and sealing of sunroof systems, floor construction elements, as well as windows & doors

• Works for construction and building applications

• Elastic bonding for industrial use as well as car and container industry

Dolphin Fix & Seal Nail Free Assembly Adhesive

  • Contact adhesive for installation of wall and floor panels. 
  • Adhesion of metal, timber & other sheets of plan materials to concrete, plaster or other rigid surfaces.
  • Bonding applications where high strength is required.
  • Timber, metal, cementitious and plaster sheets to timber or metal studs.
  • Installation to brick, masonry or concrete walls.
  • General purpose construction adhesive. 

Dolphin Fix & Seal Crystal Clear Sealant

Connecting transparent joints in construction and building applications, Common indoor and outdoor sealing and bonding applications, Indoor application for invisible bonding of glass and other transparent materials, Wide variety of substrates including wood, metals, PVC, plastics, stone and concrete Insulation applications.


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